It is in best practice to have routine teeth cleanings 2x a year (every 6 months) and typically these teeth cleanings are both covered by your insurance.

right now, we only have our store in Chelsea, New York but we look forward to many more locations in the near future!

of course you can!  we offer two types of teeth whitening services- the express white and the bright white.

the “express white” is a 20 minute laser whitening service. no appointment needed, just walk in.

the “bright white” is  zoom whitening, which is more in depth and requires an appointment.

we are currently running a promotion where you can get a free express whitening with your first clean+, which is a routine dental cleaning.

we will have you leaving with shiny, white teeth in no time!

Yes, you do not need an appointment for a routine teeth cleaning such as the clean or clean+.

walk in at any time for a routine teeth cleaning (like the clean or clean+) or for our express whitening,  date night, blast away or lzr zap services.

generally speaking, appointments are only required for dental services that require the dentist like procedures such as fillings,  our  Zoom whitening service or a teeth straightening consultation.

see our services page for more detail.

M-F 8a-8p
S-S 9a-5p

we’re closed or have limited hours on the following days:

  • New Year’s Day – Closed
  • Memorial Day 9a-5p
  • Labor Day 9a-5p
  • Thanksgiving – Closed
  • Christmas Eve 8a-3p
  • Christmas Day – Closed
  • NYE 8a-3p

yes, if you’d like, we can take an appointment over the phone for you or you can use our website at www.mg.upupload.com/blog68908/6mrw94w4s68908.

appointments can be made for any of our dental services, but are not needed for routine teeth cleanings such as the clean or clean+.

generally speaking reservations are used for longer procedures that require the dentist, Zoom teeth whitening or teeth straightening assessments.

While we do our best to get you in and out as fast as possible, generally, speaking the entire experience is under an hour.

Yes we take most PPO insurance plans- use our insurance checker to find out if we take yours!

We take most PPO insurance plans and are out-of-network.

Since hygiene is a preventative service, it’s usually covered with no added cost to you.

We’re happy to check for you before your visit.

the clean / clean+ / ouch are billed to your insurance.

generally speaking, routine dental cleanings are almost always covered and we participate with all PPO plans.

blast away / date night / express white / bright white and straightening/invisalign are not covered by insurance. Those are self pay.

If you have a PPO plan, we bill your insurance. If your paying out of pocket, we have discounted payment options as follows:

If you have a PPO plan, we bill your insurance. If your paying out of pocket, we have discounted payment options as follows:

  • Cleaning – $150
  • Clean Plus – $250
  • Date Night – $75
  • Blast – $95
  • Express White – $275
  • Lzr – $125

Yes we offer free smile assessments with our dentist for custom invisalign and teeth alignment treatment options.

teeth straightening plans are customized for your alignment & financial needs. Prices can vary based on each patient’s unique needs, $3500+, however the average client falls in the $6000 range.

we will be offering payment plans by Fall 2019.  please call our Chelsea office for details.

We accept cash and credit cards. Sorry we do not accept checks.

Please email info@dntlbar.com and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

You can call our office during business hours to pay by phone. You can also pay online, using the pay now link.

Please email mybill@dntlbar.com for questions or complaints.

Yes, however our dentists require an appointment. Please schedule online.

Our team of highly-skilled dental hygienists perform the teeth cleanings and assessments.

yes, we always have some of the best dentists in nyc available, however, to see the dentist requires an appointment.

Our dentists can be on or off site at a nearby office but is always available.

Please email info@dntlbar.com and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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